PlutoCon 2021

To celebrate Pluto's 1 year anniversary, we are hosting a two day mini conference about.... Pluto! It will be a place to share your fun notebooks and to learn techniques from other Pluto users and from Pluto's designers.

It will include:

Online demo page

During the conference, we will host an ONLINE DEMO PAGE running all your submitted notebooks, for everyone to see! Just like the website, we will use our fancy new technology to run sliders, button, webcam inputs, etc. directly on the website.


Will talks be recorded?

Yes! The live stream will be available on YouTube after the conference.

Can I ask the speakers questions?

Of course! Send your questions or comments either through YouTube livestream chat or through our newly created Discord server!

Can I bring friends?

Yes! ๐Ÿ•Š๐ŸŽ‰

Will there be a prize?


Where can I send the preprint?

Turn it into a Pluto notebook, and submit it to our online demo page!

Big thanksss!

To all the speakers for the time and effort they put into sharing their Pluto experiences, to our viewers for the great engagement and to JuliaHub for helping deploying our live notebooks to our online demo page!

More questions?

See you soon! xoxo the Pluto team

sponsored by JuliaHub!